Vera Sola

Location Amphithéâtre - Cité de la musique
Prices € 20
Duration About 1h30
Free seating
Vera Sola  © Ebru Yildiz

Vera Sola's writing and sublime voice open up cinematic horizons on two albums of ample, shadowy folk.

Alternately cast as the "lost love child of Leonard Cohen and Nancy Sinatra" and "PJ Harvey at her most irate, teeth-bared” Vera Sola makes timeless, time-bending sound. With an ethereal voice and a haunting body of song, Vera Sola is back with Peacemaker her sophomore album set for release on 2nd February, 2024. Peacemaker follows Vera Sola's critically acclaimed 2018 debut Shades. The record is at times bold and orchestral while retaining some of the dirt and grit that was present under the fingernails of Shades, realising a whole world while managing to also find remarkable detail in snapshot vignettes.  "if one were to unroll the mind, and watch as the moments that coalesce into memories rise from the map into relief. It’s a collection of stories stitched together with that particular dreamlike quality which allows for disparate spaces to converge into a single scarcely knowable vastness".

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