Kevin Morby

1re partie : Lisa O’Neill

Location Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Prices € 35 / € 30
Duration About 2h30
Numbered seating / free standing

Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby – one of the greatest American singer-songwriters of the decade – is here to share his rich, generous folk, carried by his personal penmanship and an eye (or ear!) for narration that never misses.

Album after album, tour after tour, Kevin Morby proves his mettle as one of the most robust American songwriters of our time in a highly competitive genre, a register of folk intertwined with all the boldness of Bob Dylan. His seventh album, This Is A Photograph, released in 2022, is just further exhilarating evidence of this. The album was named after Kevin Morby unearthed a photograph of his father, young and full of life, the very evening that he was in a touchy situation following a collapse. Morby wrote this album from Memphis, surrounded by the essence of Elvis Presley, Jeff Buckley and Jay Reatard. His songs bear the marks of this reflection on the passage of time and are tinged with the city’s musical heritage, particularly soul. Keyboards, strings, brass and vocals confer a striking depth to his work in this new exciting chapter of a discography which has seen folk take on a rainbow of colours.

Opening act : Lisa O’Neill

Lisa O’Neill’s ageless voice finds its home in her songs that are firmly rooted in folk tradition yet also radically modern.

Quietly, patiently, Irish singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill is continuing on her path that started a good 15 years ago, staying true to the vibrant folk traditions of Ireland. She eschews all clichés to perfectly embody a musical genre that finds new life in each new generation. Her beautiful fifth album, All Of This Is Chance, released in early 2023 under the label Rough Trade, lets her shine through her powerful execution of very heavy subjects. Whether recounting memories of the Great Famine in 19th century Ireland or sharing more personal pieces, her sublime voice is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. She is just as at home in simple acoustic performances with nothing but a banjo or guitar as she is in elaborate pieces alongside a piano, strings or percussion – all of which with breathtakingly bold arrangements.

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